Rebekah Cummings

Rebekah Cummings


Rebekah Cummings, a composer, performer, and visual artist based in Hamilton, Ontario passed away on March 23, 2019, after a brief and courageous battle with cancer.

Throughout her life, Rebekah delighted in creativity in its various forms and loved to cultivate it in others. The arts, in all their gloriously diverse forms, were her constant companion. A Balkan-infused flair is present in many of Rebekah’s works due to a deep-rooted fascination with her Bulgarian heritage and themes of life, growth, process and transformation are at the heart of her creative expression in both her art and music. Because of her lifelong delight in sound, be it from a cutlery drawer, a tree, a human voice, or musical instrument, Rebekah had a special affinity for electroacoustic composition. She had begun to delve into the creation of a set of hybrid electroacoustic songs, but was unable to record an album due to terminal cancer.

Rebekah Cummings, “a sower of seeds,” “an intense dreamer” in both the prophetic, spiritual and creative sense, “a bird on a wire” ready to take flight. “Rebekah is. She still breathes through her fantastical music and art and her powerful words that still vibrate in the air. The most loyal of hearts, the love and joy she poured into her friends and family endures.”


  • Be inspired by Rebekah’s artwork on the website
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Click on the Canadian Music Centre link, select “Composer Showcase” and do a name search to access Rebekah’s bio, list of works and scores. Click on the Association of Canadian Women Composers link to read Rebekah’s tribute in the ACWC’s 2020 Spring/Summer Journal starting on page 26.