Her indelible spirit and imaginative, unquenchable zest for life revealed itself in her superb, sensuous, moving, and deeply grounded compositions which touched all who heard them."

SpokespersonAssociation of Canadian Women Composers

Cummings’ Chasing Beauty is a brilliant first string quartet, beautifully fashioned to exploit the medium’s potential to both blend and contrast. In the work’s progression from a playful Bulgarian dance to a lovely lyrical conclusion, the through line of the work seemed assured and confident."

David JaegerThe Whole Note January 31, 2017

Rebekah Cummings’ Our Strength, Our Song (2018) from the CD of the same name, features conversational counterpoint, high and low staccatos, and dynamic shifts written in traditional Bulgarian folk-singing style."

Tiina KiikThe Whole Note January 27, 2020

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